CW Transmitters

(Models SK 220, MOD PLUS, MOD V-PLUS, DX 1200, DX 1600 and Accessories)

These transmitters are designed for mobile or base CW operation. Powered by the 12 volt vehicle battery or 12 volt regulated power supply, the maximum power output is less than 5 watts RMS. Frequency of operation is within the 10 meter band, determined by installation of a crystal into the oscillator board. The transmitters contain a transmit/receive relay and an output connector for the receiver to share the antenna and permit break-in operation.


Frequency Range

28.0 MHz to 29.7 MHz


50 parts per million, 0-50 degrees Celsius with typical quartz crystal

Power Output

< 5 watts


13.6 volts DC


< 6


50 ohms

Duty Cycle

100% at full output


> 30dB down